Week 5 One Room Challenge: Bar Sighting


Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge, allso known as the beginning of the end, also known as how in the world am I going to finish everything up by next week? Because, you know, next week is the big reveal!

Last week I gave you a sneak peek of the bar. This bar project turned into a lot more of a headache than originally planned. Because this wet bar was going to be in a basement, and not a kitchen, I didn’t want to spend even more money to order custom cabinets in the exact color we wanted so instead I opted for cabinets from Home Depot that had to be ordered but because they were already built, they were a lot cheaper, and in theory, were supposed to be delivered within 5-7 days after purchase.  See where this is going? After a whopping 4 weeks, they finally arrived at the store….damaged. I cried, screamed, you know the drill, I essentially lost it.

broken base cabinet.jpg

Thankfully, Lowes had cabinets in stock that were unfinished but the drawback was, we weren’t going to get the drawers we wanted in the base cabinets. Sometimes you just have to take a loss to keep the project moving forward. Fortunately for us, our contractor is a craftsman by trade and he painted the cabinets and added molding to them to make them look more custom and less big box store.

cabinet base placement.JPG
cabinet installation.JPG

Remember, the paint color was Paul’s pick so to make it a little more masculine, I added dark pulls, chose a bright white countertop and made the backsplash darker and a little more rustic.

We chose Snow White Quartz for the bar countertop

We chose Snow White Quartz for the bar countertop

And the backsplash, my friends, might be my favorite part. Paul picked this out and though it wasn’t cheap, it was a small enough area where it made sense to splurge.


Shortly after the bar was completed, our delivery day for our sectional finally came. We decided on the Elodie Sectional from Lazy Boy. This is the big version of our loveseat that we have in our family room. It reclines in two different sections but it doesn’t look like your typical lazy boy sectional. The fabric we chose is the softest brushed flannel and it’s stain proof which is key in our house. After a couple of hours of failed attempts to bring the corner piece into our basement, we convinced the delivery guys to take off the door and the door frame to cram it through. We waited 7 weeks for this bad boy, there was no way we were going to send it away and start all over again for looking for the perfect sectional. After lots of water breaks, signing our life away stating we wouldn’t blame them if they accidentally destroyed our new basement trying to get in the sectional, a little $$ in tips and beer, which they refused but Paul and I drank instead, it fit! That bad boy is never moving again.

stuck couch.JPG

I’m happy to report it fits perfectly and it’s so cozy! Can’t wait to put it to good use!

 Alright folks that’s all I’m gonna give you until next week when I reveal ALL things basement. Don’t forget to go check out the final posts from everyone else before their big reveals next week. You can check them out at the ORC Blog

See you next week friends!